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What are objects/Items ?

Objects or Items are of different types, they can contain data, instructions or both.
The data: can be read and displayed by the QuantShare
The instructions: QuantShare can follow instructions found in objects to accomplish or create something.

List of rules objects: Contains list of rules with iterations details (Only Data)
Download Scripts: Contains settings data and instructions on how to download and parse specific data. (Data and instruction)

Example: You may want to download stock news from Google and import the data into your QuantShare database.
This could be done using the downloader plug-in, but may require some time and a some understanding on how the downloader plug-in works.
Another solution is to do a search in the Sharing Server, maybe another user has already created and uploaded the download item you are looking for.

What are the different types of objects?

Download Script: Download content (quotes, fundamental data, news...) from the internet, parse it and save it into your local database.

List of Rules: A list of trading rules that contains simple or iterative rules.
Example of simple rule: rsi(14) > 70.
Example of iterative rules: rsi(a) > b, where 'a' varies from 7 to 14 with a step of 7 and b varies from 40 to 70 with a step of 10

Rules Metric: a metric to assess rules performance

Ranking System: a list of rules and nodes to rank symbols

Trading Indicators: Advanced indicators created using .Net programming language

Advanced Money Management: a money management script to include in trading systems

Rules Masks: Rule masks are used to create multiple rules from masks

List of Symbols: a list of symbols which may contain additional details

A lot of other types are coming soon.

How to download an object?

Select an object from this website then click on the red download link to download a shortcut.
Execute this shortcut to open QuantShare.
In QuantShare, click on Download to get the object.
After the object is downloaded, you will be prompted with a choice of actions.
If you have downloaded for example a Download Script object, you can automatically start downloading data.

How to share/upload an object?

Open the QuantShare application, select Tools then Sharing server.
Select Share, select an object then click on Share selected item.
Set the object name, description, and level then click on Share.

NB: the items that have a different back color are those who were already uploaded.

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