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                                                   Ability to open multiple watchlist windows


2012-12-11 11:06:04

What do you think of this feature "Ability to open multiple watchlist windows"?
Do you think we should implement it?

2012-12-11 13:20:21

Sounds well. But how to arrange the Windows?
Pulldown? One below each other? All in One? Hm......

2012-12-11 16:25:47

Yes I think it is a good idea to have multiple-watchlists available as I find it time consuming to load a different watch list each time. Thanks.

2012-12-11 16:27:39

You can arrange windows as you want. You can have floating windows or you can dock them to the main application form.

2012-12-12 09:55:02

I would welcome this feature, please implement.

2012-12-14 10:36:58

While working with watchlists I usually use them in combination with the alerts manager which allows multiple alerts. So for me there would be no urgency for this implementation.

But if I may add a related feature to the list: having the ability to access the values of a column defined in a watchlist from another watchlist, screener or alert, would be a plus for me.

2012-12-14 12:33:50

=> Having the ability to access the values of a column defined in a watchlist from another watchlist, screener or alert, would be a plus for me

The value of a column is implemented using QS formula. Why don't you use the same formula in the other watchlist, screener or alert?
You can even save the formula in a file (From the formula editor) and load it in other editors.

2012-12-14 14:04:56

Yes, I know, this is why I called it a "plus", because in certain situations, especially when historical and intraday timeframes are combined, this is getting complicated, I will give an example:

Let's say, I have a strategy on daily data "buy at 97% of yesterday's low", if certain other signal criteria are met. On intraday data from my broker (QS is connected to the broker), I would like to check which symbol is getting close to its entry limit, so that I might place an order for this symbol. Of course I can use the TimeFrameApply function to access historical data from intraday timeframe, I just thought it would be easier to have a daily watchlist that has "low * 0.97" in a column and then have a second intraday watchlist with real-time data from which I could have access to the column in the daily watchlist. I need two watchlists anyway (at least the daily one needs to show the symbols that meet the signal criteria), as I deal with S&P500 members, putting them all in just a single intraday watchlist would exceed the number of real-time connections my broker grants.

But don't worry, if this is too complicated to implement - no problem on my side.

2012-12-15 14:08:03

Another solution would be to create a custom function that calculates "low * 0.97" using daily data and simply reference that function in your watchlist.

2013-08-07 01:07:50

Is this functionality available now?

2013-08-07 02:54:41

Yes, it is available. Right click on a watchlist then select "Create New Watchlist Window"
After that, you can dock a floating watchlist window on any other window by moving it while pressing on ALT.

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