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                                                   How can I avoid UAE prompts when launching from the QS Task Manager?


2014-10-21 18:50:12

I have set the QS task manager to automatically run a downloader each day after the market closes. I want to run this downloader even when I am away from the computer and the QS application is not open.

One way to do this is to create a task in the Windows Task Scheduler to run QS at a set time each day (following the instructions from the avoid UAC post) and to also create a task in QS's Task Manager that runs the downloader a few minutes later. This works but is slightly cumbersome.

There is a check box within QS's Task Manager labeled: "Execute even if application is not loaded". This would potentially be a simpler way to do it and is less prone to failure. (One example of failure would be if I modify the downloader time but forget to update the Windows Task Scheduler time).
Is there a way to disable the UAC prompts when using this check box?


2014-10-22 01:42:21


You should be able to run QuantShare (without UAC prompts) even if this field is checked.

Please recheck these:

You can also run a QuantShare script directly without QS task manager:

2014-10-22 10:36:13


These links are useful, thanks, but how does it answer my question? When I use the internal QS Task Manager to schedule a QS task it *does* generate the UAC prompt if QS is not open. I tried it. Can the QS Task Manager be set to run a shortcut (which is UAC disabled) instead of QuantShare.exe?

2014-10-23 01:54:45


Use the Windows Task Manager to run QuantShare and link to the shortcut to avoid UAC.

You can also create a task using QS task manager then update it using the Windows task manager.

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