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                                                   Access access to past prices from within download scripts


2014-11-16 21:39:54

I am working on an updated version of the Morningstar fundamentals downloader to work with global stocks. I hope to upload it if and when it is finished. It makes sense to be able to access the price data of the tickers from the each of the three scripts (url script, pre-script and post-script).

What can we do with access to price data and other database data?
We can reduce the number of downloads each week from 30k+ to a 5k-. We can also skip adding database bars when there is no new data. This would reduce the database size by over 95%.

By eliminating downloads of fundamentals when ...
a. There is no recent price data or the price data shows that the stock is illiquid.
b. When it is too soon after the most recent financials to look for updated information.
... and by ignoring new data if the fundamentals remain unchanged.

As it stands now it looks like we would need to create a Script in the Script Editor if we would want to do all this. Is this something that would be difficult to add to the API for the downloader script?


2014-11-17 00:25:15

Currently, it is not possible to access data within downloader scripts.
This is something we may add in the future.

Note however the only benefit of doing this is to reduce database size.

2014-11-17 00:33:35

It seems that for fundamental data which gets updated every few months or so on a somewhat predictable schedule, by having access to the databases we can eliminate 90%+ of downloads.

How would this data eliminate downloads? By adding a field to the Morningstar database called "next update date". This "next update date" would be set to the date of the most recent financial period + 3 months. Then, the downloader would check if today's date is past the "next update date" before downloading data.

Am I missing something?

2014-11-17 04:23:09

I see what you need but this is only possible using the script editor now. You could check for the last date entry for each symbol, take symbols that should be updated and then call the downloader using these symbols.

But I agree that this is a nice feature to add. We can add a field where you can enter the "date" field to check (quotes or any custom db) and add a specific interval.

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