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                                                   Reg. market profile plot


2021-08-15 12:09:42

My question:

I was referring to your following blog:

and was trying to plot market profile, but getting confused with the process. Using QS language it was done, but using C#, there is a function:


how do I use it?

QS Response ===============

Hi Ghanshyam,
You cannot access this function directly. You need to compile QS code within C#
Something like this:
VectorD res = cFunctions.CompileFormula("a = function();").GetVectorDouble("a");


My question:

OK, so in this
function() is MarketProfile_Vol()

I am still confused as your blog needs some more details so that we can actually make use of it. It is a very good functionality of QS but some more clarity is required. I would appreciate it if you could help in this regard.

And in the case of the real-time version, in place of TA.Month(), do we need some other time frame?


Waiting for the response...........

Markus Neubauer
2021-08-20 19:13:14


Best Answer
Right click on a chart -> Edit formula -> Copy&Paste e.g. following:

PlotProfile("volume", 0, 1, 100, colorRed, colorRed, OperationSum);

Click "Update graph"

OR Intraday:
PlotProfile("volume", day() != ref(day(), 1), 60, 20, colorRed, colorRed, OperationSum);
PlotProfile("volume", day() != ref(day(), 1), 1, 10, colorRed, colorRed, OperationSum);

OR I prefer this in long term charts:
PlotProfile("volume", month() != ref(month(), 1), 1, 10, colorGreen, colorGreen, OperationAvg);

2021-08-22 09:16:51


Thanks a lot Markus for your apt reply, it works, I just changed from volume to close and got what I was looking for.

Best regards

2021-08-24 21:38:52


As a follow-up to my above response, for Intraday charts I had to use "close" instead of "volume" because it was plotting just one bar and therefore it was not serving the purpose. Therefore, I would say that for me it is working on "End of the Day (EoD)" version of QS, but on Intraday it is not working if I use the following command:

PlotProfile("volume", week() != ref(week(), 1), 60, 20, colorRed, colorRed, OperationSum);


PlotProfile("volume", day() != ref(day(), 1), 60, 20, colorRed, colorRed, OperationSum);

Looking forward to seeing a more specific response for the real-time version of QS.

2021-09-02 21:31:07


There was a problem with volume data coming from Yahoo, when I switched over to Interactive Brokers, it is showing as expected for real-time version of QS.

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