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Peter Gum
2010-12-08 07:39:27

I have two questions about EOD quotes:
- How can 'no data available' symbols be removed? The checkmark under "Tools" does not seem to have any effect.
- How can the list of symbols be refreshed? After a few months there may be new symbols; can they be added automatically? For examle, perhaps refresh the entire list and then remove those for which there is no data?


2010-12-08 11:48:55


Once downloader finished the dowload session open the tolls meny in top right corner of downloader & use the tools there to remove checked symbols. The only checked should be those with no data vailable. Hope it helps

One way to add new symbols is to make a list and use Symbol->Add menu screen and either type/paste new symbols or pass file name with stock symbols to uadd to database & next time you run updownload it will use those symbols.

Hope it helps.

Peter Gum
2010-12-08 12:53:20


Thanks for gettting back to me:
- With respect to the first paragraph, that does not seem to be working. The 'no data' symbols have checks and 'remove' under Tools is checked but nothing happens.
- With respect to the second paragraph, I don't know what the new symbols are. However, they could be 'discovered' if I knew how to delete the database and start over. I tried deleting the EOD object and re-downloading it, but it appears that did not purge the database.

2010-12-08 13:57:00


Best Answer
Hello Peter,

- After you finish the downloading process, select "Tools" then click on "Remove the checked Symbols from the current list".
A new form will appear with the checked symbols. Click on the "Remove" button to delete these symbols.
I have tried and it works.

Here is another way to delete these symbols:
Select "Symbol" then "Bulk Updater"
Click on "Select Symbols"
Select "Quotes" under the "Name" column
Select "Number of Quotes" under the "Values" column
Click on the cell under "IE" column to select all symbols with no quotes
Click on "Select"
In the "Bulk Updater" form, select all rows then click on "Remove Selected Symbols"

- The EOD object downloads data only for known symbols. I will create an item that automatically adds new symbols to the database.

2010-12-08 14:00:46


Regarding the second question:

Update the Stock Exchange Associated With U.S. Stocks - Market Field
Update the Industry Name of your U.S. Stocks

The first item adds new symbols and updates the market field.
The second item updates the industry and sector fields.

Update the Stock Exchange Associated With U.S. Stocks - Market Field (by QuantShare, uploaded several months ago)
No notes

Rate an item Rate an item Rate an item Rate an item Rate an item Number of downloads Notes Report an item
Update the Industry Name of your U.S. Stocks (by QuantShare, uploaded several months ago)
No notes

Rate an item Rate an item Rate an item Rate an item Rate an item Number of downloads Notes Report an item

Peter Gum
2010-12-08 16:04:09


On the first reply:
- Selecting "Tools" shows *all* symbols (under manual removal tab) or a filter tab.The problem may be that the 'no data' option under Tools is checked before the download starts and I cannot find a way to uncheck it. (Maybe under manual select nothing and click remove anyway?)
- On the second point: more preciisely my problem is with symbols there were giving quotes and then stopped (eg, AAAGY). The second method doesn't solve this problem.

2010-12-09 03:49:15


- What is the 'no data' option under Tools?

- Using the "Bulk Updater", you can filter symbols by "Date of last quote" instead of "Number of Quotes". You can select symbols whose last quote date is one or two months old.

Peter Gum
2010-12-09 08:02:06


Ok, I think this is working. More symbols no longer have quotes than I realized (227). It was hard to visualize this because there is no scroll bar on the symbols window on the download manager when the download finishes. So I saw only one item cheched and could not verify that there were others.

Right, the Bulk Updater is a very flexible facility but for this purpose it relies on information I don't have easily: generally I don't realize for awhile that quotes are no longer being received for a symbol, especially hard without a scoll bar to visually inspect what remains checked after a download. So typically one does not have dates to work with, though that is not a problem with the first approach now working.

The two objects you list above look interesting but they bring up a general concern: how many different objects might be required to keep the quotes database 'healthy'? Over a few months there are all sorts of changes that occur to 6K symbols (I think that started out as 15K). If you are keeping the initial list more or less up-to-date, why isn't my simplest approach to just start over, say every 6 months? For my purposes, re-populating the database with quotes from Yahoo (100 days or so) is no problem. My problem is, how current is my symbol list?

2010-12-09 14:22:24


Is the scroll bar always hidden?

You can easily delete your symbols and download a new list.

Here is an example of a list of symbols:

More info here:

Peter Gum
2010-12-09 16:10:46


Thanks! That looks like it will let me re-fresh my list of symbols from time to time. Very helpful. (For optionable symbols I think refreshing is already automatic? Perhaps way down on your priority list, providing the option within QS to do 'housekeeping' on the quotes symbol list would add a measure of convenience? There may already be ways to handle symbols that become dormant, so having a way to add (discover) symbols not already in the list may be the more interesting capability.)

When my download finishes only one checked symbol is visible and there is no scroll bar. Before the download starts they are all checked and there is a scroll bar. (However, unless by happenstance there is a checked symbol at the top on finish, one may not be aware that there are 'dormant' symbols further down the list.)


2010-12-10 05:45:27


For optionable symbols, simply execute the trading item that you have previously used.

We cannot include a component that automatically updates stocks because of several reasons:
- QuantShare do not provide data/symbols
- The application works with all markets (Some of our users are even using it for SEO Marketing)
- Some users prefer to keep these delisted symbols

However, I can create for you a script that adds new symbols and remove old ones, with one click.

- For the scrollbar, when this occurs again, please go to the Trace directory under QuantShare directory and send me the last trace file to

Peter Gum
2010-12-10 07:03:34


You are being very helpful:
- Yes, the optionable stocks object works beautifully.
- Yes, it would be most convenient for my purposes if you created a script that 'groomed' the symbols list. (But low priority; I can wait.)
- On finishing this morning's update there were no 'no data' symbols (because I removed them yesterday) and the scroll bar showed properly.When I next see the 'no scroll bar' situation I will send a trace file. It looks like the situation materializes only when there are check marks for 'no data' symbols and it may be the case further that a check mark must appear in the top of the window. I'll be watching it.

Thank you again for your prompt attention to my questions. I know some of them are nit-picking, but I have developed a strategy that I am already following live in part with encourgaging results. That is making it worth my while to dig into QS capabilities and that explains all the questions.


2010-12-10 07:13:48


Thanks Pete. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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