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                                                   Can QuantShare place automated trades?


Josh Jones
2010-12-14 12:15:47

Once we have come up with a stratgey and backtested and are satisfied with it, is there anyway in QuantShare to connect to a broker and have it place automated trades, such as at Interactive Brokers?

Or is this software to be used for the development and testing phases of the strategy only?


2010-12-15 04:16:05


Best Answer
We are currently working on the real-time version, which will connect to data-feeds and brokers to get real-time data.

After this version is released, we will start working on the automated trades module of QuantShare.

Jim Harrison
2011-06-15 00:47:51


Any update here?

2011-06-16 05:40:41


We are working on it. The beta release should be available in 2 months (real-time module first). Automated trades module should be available later.

Jim Harrison
2011-10-21 02:04:53


Any updates on the Beta here?

2011-10-21 05:58:22


Hi Jim,

We expect the real-time version to be released in few weeks (maybe 3-4)

Josh Jones
2011-11-30 11:07:30


I see that the real-time module should be out anytime. Is there a tentative schedule or target date for when the automated trades module should be out? I started out learning with QuantShare and am now using Ninjatrader, but I definitely liked QuantShare better and will switch back once it's finished.

adrian suciu
2012-03-29 16:12:05


Would be really interesting to see your software automate the plugin feeds with interactivebrokers, i'll be on the sideline till then waiting for that feature.

2012-03-30 06:17:25


Hi Adrian,

Can you please elaborate on the following "automate the plugin feeds with interactivebrokers" ? Any examples?

2012-04-07 01:25:25



I just installed QuantShare for the firt time (have a lot of experience with other platforms) and was very impressed. The lack of real-time trading just doesn't cut it. The platform is nice, price is very good, but without having it talk to external brokers (Interactive Brokers), it's kind of a bummer.

I just unistalled it for that reason, and since you promised it was a couple weeks out many months ago, I'll wait for a bunch of people to be "beta testers" before reconsidering the platform.

I'm not sure what the purpose of writing such a complex platform is if you don't want to get it to talk to brokers.

My 2 cents ;P

2012-06-06 06:09:28


I see you have a "portfolio123" plugin, I will wait till the platform has trading automation capabilities, trading the p123 resulting candidates.

Josh Jones
2012-09-06 14:25:10


It's been nearly 2 years since I originally posted the first question in this thread (and nearly a year since a 3-4 week estimate was given)... I am now running an automated strategy and trading live with Ninjatrader (Mirus/Zen-Fire with Kinetick as backup). It is working... but it seems like it is constantly a battle with all the Ninjatrader quirks and buggy issues. I just wanted to see if QuantShare was any closer to releasing a version that would allow automated trading? I would be extremely interested in beta testing as well.

2012-09-06 19:22:43


Hi Josh,

Please send an email to regarding beta testing.

Obuli Govindaraju
2013-07-02 08:32:43


Let me ask the question one more time.

Where are we with respect to placing automated trades?

Lars Karlsson
2016-06-01 00:08:56


Bumping this thread:

How does it look with the integration of automated trades in QS at this point?

2016-06-01 04:42:19


Implemented and available in beta release

Alexander Horn
2016-07-09 22:04:24


Hi QS, great news!!

Can you share the download link please? Which subscription is needed? And any special trick to activate?

.. p.d. just back after a year of doing nothing, fun to be back online..


2016-07-11 04:19:44


H Alex,

It is automatically enabled in the Premium version.

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